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           ART Provides Expert Substance Abuse Treatment for Adolescents and Young Adults.


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Action Relational Therapy of Florida (ART) offers effective anger management treatment. You will have an opportunity to develop necessary skills to manage expressions of anger constructively. You will learn to deal with anger in a positive way that supports the lifestyle you want for yourself; safe, happy and free of legal troubles.

Treatment is comprehensive and multidimensional. In other words, you will benefit from learning positive coping skills to reduce the effects of other problems that may affect your life. You will reduce the negative effects of anger in any place you may find yourself- such as work, school, home or recreational places.

Why and how it works

ART focuses on clients to re-encounter the positive skills they have already known and used, but that life problems made them temporarily forget. This way, clients rely on their own strengths and initiatives for their lives. Treatment will also provide opportunities to learn and apply new skills that in time will become part of the clients' lives.

Tool Box for Life and Relational Skills

When clients graduate from treatment, they take with them a box full of "tools", such as effective anger management techniques, avoiding confrontations that lead to negative expressions of anger, resolving conflict peacefully and quietly, making the right decisions in every aspect of life, and perseverance to always build skills against life's problems and apply them consistently.

Skill development is relational. No one lives in isolation; everyone maintains many types of relationships. Treatment provides chances to improve all relationships by communicating effectively, listening without making assumptions, and avoiding miscommunication that brings on anger and/or conflict.


Clients 'try out" effective skills during sessions, so when they are in the face of the problem, they already know exactly what to do because they become familiar with ways to apply the skills-as opposed to just talking about what and how they should manage anger.

Life is much more serious than a local theater production, yet amateur actors and directors rehearse constantly prior to the show. Skills that have been rehearsed are easier to remember than those "talked about" during therapy.

Get treatment that will better your life long term, and that provides opportunities to build relational skills that will be useful in all areas of life.

Treatment at ART has been successful even when others have failed… There is no failing in therapy-if you do not experience positive change, we have failed… Call, we can help you!


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  • 20 (15 minute) Skype sessions
  • 4 group sessions
  • 2 (30 minute) individual sessions

Investment in yourself is $899.00, must be prepaid online.

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