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           ART Provides Expert Substance Abuse Treatment for Adolescents and Young Adults.


The majority of teens and young adults refuse to accept treatment...

If he won’t willingly choose to go to treatment he is having a normal reaction and joins 90+ percent of the young men who end up going to treatment. Being willing or unwilling is greatly misunderstood and prevents many families from getting their children the help they need in a timely fashion so they can minimize the hurts, damage, legal and medical expenses, and lost potential.

The vast majority of our residents are “unwilling” to admit to treatment, in the sense that if they had all of the choice to themselves, they wouldn’t go. The perspective that a person needs to admit they have a problem and ask for help in order for them to go to treatment or get help does not apply to adolescents and young adults. They have parents who are very influential with them (even when it doesn’t seem so) and are capable of reaching out in love and constructing a consequence response to their son choosing not to go to treatment.

Adults, however, have the consequence scenario handed out to them by real life. Adults are on their own; therefore, a lifestyle of active addiction gives them escalating consequences to a point that they either, choose to admit they have a problem and ask for help or, they continue their descent which will eventually end in their death. They only choose treatment because of life’s consequences. However, the vast majority of adolescents and young adults only choose treatment because of the life’s consequences that are orchestrated by their parents.

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