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We have already helped many people gaining their lives back. If you are one of them we would apreciate your help in encouraging others to step forward, take control of their lives and let us help them.

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Milena says...

Dr. Sue Butler has been very effective at providing couseling to my family. Her teenager specialty has been key to the therapy as we were undergoing some issues with our family's 13 year old.

We have been able to improve our family communication. My little brother - the 13 years old - has improved his attitude, has more structure in his life, which has positively affected his overall performance at home and at school - his teachers have noticed the improvement themselves. As for our family, we have more open and positive communication.

I fully recomend Dr. Sue to any family going thru a crisis.

If you feel you need a helping hand, most likely you do. Dr Sue has given that helping hand to my family.

Kind Regards,

Rita and Bill says...

Our life has changed. We were separated and suffering, but now we are happy together.
We want to thank you for saving our marriage. We couldnt do it on our own. Your treament helped us to do better so fast!

Thank you,

R and B.
Coral Springs, FL

Rosaly says...


my name is Rosaly. Mi experiencia ha sido maravillosa la ayuda que le ha dado Sue a mi hijo. Le ha subido su autoestima , ha mejorado sus notas en el colegio, lo veo con mas entusiasmo en la vida. Las cosas no son ni seran perfectas pero lograremos salir adelante.
Sue es una muy buena terapista, comprende mucho a los adolecentes e identifica el problema para asi darle soluciones,gana la confianza para que el adolecente pueda comentar sus problemas.
Espero seguir yendo a la terapia con mi hijo, para asi poder comprenderlo y ayudarle..

Rosaly J.

Sal R. says...

My wife and I almost separated and many times she wanted to divorced me. I knew I had an anger problem, and one day I decided to get help. When I started to go to group therapy I didn't know I was going to do so well so fast. Thank you for helping us.

Sam says...

My wife and I have been going to different therapists off and on for the 5 years without success. I was angry, depressed and constantly feeling stressed. My outlook immediately changed after my very first visit with Sue. In a short amount of time, Sue was able to teach me the tools I needed to cope with life's daily problems.

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