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           ART Provides Expert Substance Abuse Treatment for Adolescents and Young Adults.

  • my child refuses therapy
    If he won't willingly choose to go to treatment he is having a normal reaction and joins 90+ percent of the young men...
  • change through skill building
    Action Relational Therapy (ART) was established to respond to the needs of teenagers with substance abuse problems, and to increase...
  • treatment modalities
    Every aspect of our adolescent treatment program is designed to teach those we serve how to become better at assessing options that occur in their lives...

We are proud to offer successful interventions even after clients have experienced failure in other treatment facilities

We now have 2 locations:

6790 Taft Street Hollywood, FL 33024

And Our New Location:

2799 NW 2nd Ave suite 117 Boca Raton FL 33431
(561) 544-0269

What does ART mean?


 Caring, Individualized Treatment for Teenagers and Adults Abusing Illegal Substances Hands on Learning of Effective Coping Skills to Maintain An Addiction-Free Lifestyle.

 Family Therapy Highly Recommended Along with Individual Therapy

 Expert Group Therapy to Incentive Sobriety and Learn How To Replace Negative Coping Skills With Positive Ones.

 Parents Groups To Help Families Regain Trust In Their Relationships, And Learn How To Communicate with Each Other Peacefully

 Clients Learn How to Build and Apply Skills That Can Be Applied In All Areas Of Their Lives

Start Changing Your Life In 60 Minutes

Turn anger into fuel to better your life for less than a movie and dinner outing!!

Skill building groups for anger management, personal development and leadership
Turn negative expressions of anger into positive ones. Develop skills to achieve your personal and career goals. Do not risk your life and well-being by expressing anger in a negative, destructive ways. Do not risk losing your freedom and all that you possess and have worked hard for. Protect your loved ones from the possible negative consequences of anger.
Action Relational Therapy offers effective group anger management therapy that has helped many to change their lives in few weeks.

Court orders welcome!!! Our anger treatment certificate is recognized by all courts in the state of Florida.

Reservation required. Very small number of participants in every group to ensure full participation of everyone attending.

Call Today and Improve Your Life.


Practicing Skills and Staying Strong

ART emphasizes the identification and application of skills for clients to reencounter their efforts to live a healthy life and maintain hope and sobriety. Skills are more than words; they are practices that become a way of life. At ART clients feel confident that they would apply the necessary coping skills when face with possible temptations because they have practiced the skills at the office with their therapists or at home with their family members.

Tool Box (of life)
ART's toolbox becomes a symbol of strength, resilience and effort. The toolbox image has helped numerous clients to remember effective skills, and ways to apply them in every dimension of their lives.

We practice with a relational approach that helps clients rebuild and maintain constructive relationships.

ART is committed to serve the community.
We offer affordable counseling services to teenagers, young and matured adults and their families. ART strives to give professional, skilled counseling to all our clients.

Addictions Specialists

Intensive treatment for:

  • Dependency of any illegal substance that impairs normal functioning
  • Alcohol dependency
  • Depression, ADHD, anger, etc, or negative self-destructive behaviors that often go with addiction.
  • Teenagers, young and matured adults


Sue Butler LMFT - Clinical Director Recommends:

"Get help for your child, and teenager. I have years of experience treating teenagers facing drug addiction, as well as very young children and their families. The negative influences of substance abuse, ADHD, anger, oppositional behavior, poor impulse control and depression get significantly decreased by learning and applying effective coping skills. Our approach helps even when prior treatments have failed."

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Action Relational Therapy of Florida, Inc.

6790 Taft Street
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2799 nw 2nd ave Suite 117
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